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The Outstanding Seminar Hotel in Kleinarl In The Province Of Salzburg

Seminars In A Rural Idyll

"Oh no!", Jürgen complains to his wife Irene. ", My boss is again sending me on another boring seminar. This time we have to deal with Competence Extension For Leadership In The Middle Management, as if I need this! And this time, the workshop takes place in a small hotel in a little village called Kleinarl, must be somewhere in the Salzburg Sport World, 70 km south from the city of Salzburg. I really don't want to go there!"

But then, things turned out completely differently...

A Trip Into The Green

The journey to the idyllic Kleinarl alone was a nature experience, hardly any cars, green as far as the eye can see, deer beside the road (in an enclosure, ok)… Jürgen already feels the tension of the last hectic weeks disappearing.

The check-in in the seminar hotel was so uncomplicated. The boss, Claudia, welcomed him, "nice to have you here, Mister Brandstädter, the other participants are enjoying their coffee on the terrace, please join them. You can check-in later".

Perfect! A wonderful Nannini coffee and delicious cakes (naturally self-made and fresh!) were served.

Let's see, who is taking part this time…

After two hours of getting to know each other, and of funny stories, the participants moved into their rooms. Man! Jürgen's room was like a dream in dark blue with golden accents, the bathroom impressed by its clear design, elegance and glass elements. The rain shower and nice accessories completed the perfect impression.

"Wait and see", Jürgen thought, "maybe, the next three days will also be quite nice…"

More Than Only A Business Meeting

After three days of intensive experiences and culinary highlights (already the self-made bread for breakfast and the jam were delicious, not to mention the sensational creations of the dinner menus), Jürgen returned home to his wife, content and happy about the new experiences gained in the seminar Competence Extension For Leadership In The MiddleManagement.

He opened the house door and shouted, "Irene, you have no idea how wonderful the last three days have been!"

If you are looking for the perfect place for your next seminar in a rural environment, surrounded by peaceful nature, then we from the Hotel Lärchenhof will be pleased to send you an offer!

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Cooking in and with nature, this awaits you in the Lärchenhof in Kleinarl. Widen your culinary horizon with cooking lessons with your host, devoted to special topics.

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Up to 35 people can celebrate their private festivities in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Lärchenhof. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes for your perfect celebration.

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