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Claudia's Hotel Lärchenhof - we open at the 28th of November for the Winterseason!

Outstanding, Nature-Related And Down-To-Earth – Holidays in Kleinarl

In the Hotel Lärchenhof in the region Wagrain-Kleinarl there is a team of dedicated and attentive hosts. Open for new spirits and with spaces to retreat. Zeitgeist, but not at all detached. Due to our love for detail we have created a particularly cosy atmosphere.
With boldness and passion, in the centre of Kleinarl, in the Salzburg mountain world. With heritage in the region, but with forceful wings who carry us far beyond the surrounding summits. An inspiring place, providing energy and tranquillity, life-style holidays, nature-bound holidays! Take a deep breath!

Claudia – Your Host Of The Hotel Lärchenhof

Hi, I am Claudia from the Lärchenhof Hotel in Kleinarl. I am mother of 3 children and happily at home in the Hotel Lärchenhof in Wagrain – Kleinarl.

Here, I have finally found, what makes me feel good – at least most of the time: My living space – my lifelong dream – my dream life. A lot of work, thousands of ideas, countless hours with and a positive feedback of my guests.

What’s really important to me?
Health, happiness, to be surrounded by my loved ones, my natural environment… My? Everything about me? Is this right?
I believe: YES! Only if I am happy, only if I feel well, will I have the energy to make a difference, to help others.
To create something special, where you feel good, where you can relax, sit back and be pampered – and truly enjoy your holidays

What Is So Unique at Lärchenhof?

Its intimate size. The furniture is like our guests: individual and varied, outstanding and unique. A hotel like a home. It smells fantastic, it is light and there is always someone to take care of you.

What Is The Lärchenhof Philosophy?

According to Wikipedia, philosophy cannot be defined in a generally valid way, because everybody who is philosophising has his very own perspective. My philosophy for my guests is, to make them feel the special atmosphere of Lärchenhof already on their arrival. Warmth, ease and comfort, to find to one-self.
Simply to do nothing, or to experience everything, to let your mind flow at the pool, or to hike to the picturesque Lake Tappenkarsee. Enjoy the crackling wood in the fireplace, or ski on gorgeous skiing slopes. To need for nothing, to be able to do everything – this is Lärchenhof!

What Is It That Distinguishes You And Your Team ?

In Hotel Lärchenhof we don't have a staff, we are a team of sincere hosts. Professional hands and moving feet intend to take care of our guests in an attentive and unobtrusive way.

What Is Your Favourite Leisure Time Activity?

As compensation I love to move in nature, I try new hiking and mountain bike trails , explore new mushroom areas, pick wild flowers, or go skiing or cross-country skiing with my son. Furthermore, I love to read good books and listen to jazz, swing or blues music.

Which Guests Feel At Ease in Lärchenhof?

All guests who are looking for something special, who want to be perfectly cosseted, without any reserve. They love to talk with guests at the neighbouring table, to sit on the terrace, to enjoy the starry sky, are truly fascinated by the absolute tranquillity and by the surrounding wide fields and the marvellous view to the mountains and forests.

Every day, they savour new culinary delights and are enthusiastic about the surprisingly creative dishes.

Are you inspired now? Fulfil your holiday dream in Hotel Lärchenhof in Kleinarl: an inquiry cost free.

All-Inclusive Offers

Come and see us in Kleinarl, no matter in which season! Thanks to our all-inclusive offers you will find an attractive holiday package created with love. Find your perfect holiday!

Come And Cook With Us

Cooking in and with nature, this awaits you in the Lärchenhof in Kleinarl. Widen your culinary horizon with cooking lessons with your host, devoted to special topics.

Celebrating In A Small Circle

Up to 35 people can celebrate their private festivities in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Lärchenhof. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes for your perfect celebration.

Comments Of Our Guests

Read these recommendations assure yourself, that Hotel Lärchenhof is your perfect destination .