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Wine And Water – Indulgence In The Hotel Lärchenhof

Treasures In The Glass

Springwater, a crystal-clear treasure from the depths of the Radstädter Tauern Mountains. Organic water from our private source Lärchenhof. In our pool, you are swimming in it, our self-made syrups are mixed with it, and it is an ideal companion for our wines.

Wine Is Water With A Taste

Claudia, the boss of the house, savours the water and takes pleasure in offering exquisite wines. The wine list in the Lärchenhof includes an interesting selection of Italian and Austrian wines. Claudia has discovered these wines thanks to her experienced nose and passion during her numerous travels. Our wine selection is thus a fascinating travel report across the most varied Austrian and Italian wine regions. When choosing a wine grower, her primary interest are young, innovative, committed oenologists. Often they are successors of acknowledged well-known wine yards or lateral entrants, who want to experience new methods, and who create interesting new wines. Her wine cellar reflects her experience, and therefore you will find an astonishing selection of not less than 11 different Prosecco and sparkling wines on our wine list. So, Claudia has discovered her currently absolutely favourite drink, the vegan organic Prosecco "Sgàjo" from Valdobbiadene – a fruity, aromatic Prosecco of a top quality

Liquid Fruits From The Sunny Side Of The Province Of Salzburg

The fruit juices from the sunny side of the Province of Salzburg and the "healthy schnapps" are a particular regional treat. We purchase them from the Tennengau Region, not far from Kleinarl. The Buchegger Family transform their own apples and pears to aromatic fruit juices and schnapps. Connoisseurs love their exquisite schnapps. They use exclusively ripe, clean fruits, and their liquors win regularly awards. They are free from preservatives and additives.

Little red berries on a branch
Who would have thought that one can make a wonderful Rowan Berry Schnapps from these little red berries?

Claudia has known the Buchegger Family for many years, and she values their products. Therefore, she offers their high quality of Austrian Schnapps and of the apple juice combinations to her guests too. You can book a schnapps degustation, and also a juice tasting in the Hotel Lärchenhof. Our guests love it.

By the way, the secret of their tasteful apple juice is: In every single bottle of this excellent apple juice there are 6 to 8 different apple varieties. These varieties deliver this full-bodied taste and the well-balanced bouquet.

Home-made Syrups

We are also proud of our great selection of home-made syrups. We are always developing new creations, in order to be able to offer a varied and rich choice of self-made, natural and above all delicious soft drinks to our guests. Our syrups have nothing to do with standardized industrial lemonades. Mixed with our private spring water, they are a true treasure in the glass.

We offer exquisite wines – come and taste them in the Hotel Lärchenhof in the Province of Salzburg and send an inquiry!

All-Inclusive Offers

Come and see us in Kleinarl, no matter in which season! Thanks to our all-inclusive offers you will find an attractive holiday package created with love. Find your perfect holiday!

Come And Cook With Us

Cooking in and with nature, this awaits you in the Lärchenhof in Kleinarl. Widen your culinary horizon with cooking lessons with your host, devoted to special topics.

Celebrating In A Small Circle

Up to 35 people can celebrate their private festivities in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Lärchenhof. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes for your perfect celebration.

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