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Food, Glorious Food

Awareness, Care, Quality – The Cuisine In The Hotel Lärchenhof

In the Hotel Lärchenhof we only use top quality ingredients. Fresh harvested products from the kitchen garden, fragrant herbs from the herb garden, fresh ingredients from the forest or from our farmers. We love to cook!

Food of the season, home-made, hunted or fished or grown in the local region, almost always organic products, … Yes! When savouring our dishes in Kleinarl, you will immediately taste that all our ingredients are local products. In the winter, when there is no fishing, or hunting or harvesting, we use all our treasures that we have prepared and stored for you during the summer months, with love and passion.

Cultivated in Our Own Herb And Vegetable Garden

Our herb garden provides us the ingredients for the genial Lärchenhof Tea, for the herb lemonade, for all the delicious herbal salts and herbal butter blends. We harvest carrots, beetroots, beans, broccoli, turnips, cabbage, peas, spinach, spinach beet, rhubarb and all ingredients for our home- made soup seasoning. It is good to know, that all supplies are stored for winter, and to have prepared the best ingredients from our garden just for you.

Joyful Start Of A New Day In Your Holiday

Happiness begins with breakfast. In our house, you smell the fragrance of fresh home-baked bread and our buffet is beaming like the sun.

Self-made fruity jams, a rich choice of organic and whole food products, fruits of the season, natural juices, fresh home-baked cakes.

Natural leaven bread with spicy spreads, or a wonderfully smelling croissant. Rolls, all kinds of dishes made from organic eggs from the Wagrain chicken farm, fresh coffee or tea – this is the kind of breakfast that you can enjoy in the Hotel Lärchenhof, in the Salzburg Alps.

Sweet Break With Home-Made Delicacies

"Indulge yourself! The first rule is to be happy"

Every afternoon we will pamper you with outstanding wholesome cakes or gateaux, following our traditional family recipes. We will serve this snack in our cosy living room, on the sun terrace, in the garden, at the pool or in your room.

Our aim is to make our guests happy. In our Hotel Lärchenhof we have many favourite places. Choose your personal one!

Dinner For Real Gourmets

Time and leisure to savour the four seasons. The four-course gourmet-evening menu in our restaurant in Kleinarl.

After a cold or a warm starter, delicious soups, we offer a choice of three main dishes, including a vegetarian choice and a wonderful dessert. This could be a home-made strawberry peppermint ice cream with a warm chocolate cake, or a panna cotta with raspberries and mini biscuits or a tossed pancake with blackberries and vanilla ice cream.

You don't want to read about these delicacies, you also want to taste them? Come and see us at the

Restaurant Lärchenhof – we will answer your inquiry!

All-Inclusive Offers

Come and see us in Kleinarl, no matter in which season! Thanks to our all-inclusive offers you will find an attractive holiday package created with love. Find your perfect holiday!

Come And Cook With Us

Cooking in and with nature, this awaits you in the Lärchenhof in Kleinarl. Widen your culinary horizon with cooking lessons with your host, devoted to special topics.

Celebrating In A Small Circle

Up to 35 people can celebrate their private festivities in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Lärchenhof. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes for your perfect celebration.

Comments Of Our Guests

Read these recommendations assure yourself, that Hotel Lärchenhof is your perfect destination .