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Cooking Courses In The Lärchenhof

Come And Cook With Us

We believe that nature provides the best recipes. Culinary moments of happiness are not created accidentally – they are a result of knowledge, passion, curiosity and love. This is exactly what we would like to share with you in our cooking lessons.

Cooking Lessons Devoted To One Topic – Also on Holiday

Our topics can be, for example:

  • Soft, warm, smooth, silky…. To feel bread dough in your hands can be meditative. The result is an absolute moment of happiness. Fragrant croissants, crispy rolls, spicy rye leaven bread, on which to apply creative spreads made of butter or creamy curd spreads, pesto variations, fruity spreads and jams.
  • An Italian feat, a moment of shared joy, an Italian attitude to life combined with Mediterranean temperament, passion for food. We share with you the secrets of the best ciabatta with dried tomatoes or olives, marinated courgettes, home-made pasta, Parmigiana, Tagliata, Osso bucco, Pesce al sale, Panna cotta, Tiramisu, Sorbetto al Limone. Needless to say that we also offer various Italian olive oils, Balsamico and country ham tastings.
  • Green recipes which make you happy. It is always the simple things that make life so special. For us, every season is linked to a special taste and feeling. Meals that do not only satisfy, but make us happy. We would like to share our passion with you, to excite and inspire you. Chick pea curry, vegetable strudel, wonderful spreads, fruity cakes and gateaux, such as our classic vegan rhubarb streusel cake, home-made almond milk, red-cabbage rissole… We show you more than tofu and soya.

Cooking together – simply good. Exchange of ideas, inspiration, enrichment and joy of life. I would like to invite you to my cooking lessons in your holiday in Kleinarl.

If you are interested, please send an inquiry!

All-Inclusive Offers

Come and see us in Kleinarl, no matter in which season! Thanks to our all-inclusive offers you will find an attractive holiday package created with love. Find your perfect holiday!

Come And Cook With Us

Cooking in and with nature, this awaits you in the Lärchenhof in Kleinarl. Widen your culinary horizon with cooking lessons with your host, devoted to special topics.

Celebrating In A Small Circle

Up to 35 people can celebrate their private festivities in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Lärchenhof. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes for your perfect celebration.

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