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Summer In The Hotel Lärchenhof in Kleinarl

Summer Holidays In The Mountains Of Kleinarl

Mountains of options! Do you know what I mean? It is still so cosy in the bed, but the birds are already chirping loud, the sun shines defiantly onto your bed, a deep blue sky outside, and you simply must rise and shine! Take a deep breath to fill your lungs with the pure air of the mountain summer!

The Summer Holiday ABC

A like Alpine Rose

The Alpine rose is one of my favourite flowers. In early summer, the pastures are covered with the shining red of our Alpine roses. This is an outstanding adventure, which you will never forget.

B like Being In The Mountains

There is nothing more beautiful than to climb on our mountains. Up there, one is above everything, one can see things from a new perspective and clear one's thoughts.

C like City

Salzburg is "our" city! And we love Salzburg! Especially in summertime, this small town becomes the stage of the world. Culture, history, shopping, strolling, a varied and delicious gastronomy – we enjoy and we love the city of Mozart.

D like Downhill Bike Park

One of the best MTB Downhill Bike Parks in Austria – the Bike Park Wagrain – is located next to the Flying Mozart cable car in Wagrain-Kleinarl. Comfortably and without any stress, the cable car takes you to the start, and then, off we go! Professional riders and beginners will find flowing downhill and freeride tracks. The cool mix of trails, jumps and tables guarantee, that even adrenaline junkies will be happy!

E like E-Bike

Easily up into the mountains with an E-Bike, simply ingenious. Whereas I struggle on my mountain bike up to the mountain, some people sporty or not so sporty, easily overtake with little effort. I am really happy about this new trend, because thanks to these E-bikes, many of my guests can enjoy a magnificent, and at the same time environmentally friendly, mountain experience. Of course, one has to do something, that is, simply to pedal.

F like Flying Fox Kesselfall

The high-rope course in Kleinarl at the Kesselfall Trail, the Climbing World on Peilsteinpalfen, is the latest achievement of the holiday region Wagrain-Kleinarl. The top attraction is the Flying Fox Kesselfall.

G like Grafenberg

To experience and feel nature with all your senses. Action, motion and space for relaxation. Fun for the young and the old. An outstanding mountain experience – high up on the mountain, but effortless accessible.

H like Huts

The huts are often a goal in itself on our hiking excursions, because they offer simple, pleasant experiences on every tour. Just wander from the Steinkaralm hut via the Weißenhofalm hut to the Schüttalm hut; or from the Tappenkarsee hut to the Tappenkarseealm and to the Kleinarler hut; or to the new Kurzeggalm, surely you will find your favourite place!

I like Interesting

With its only 775 inhabitants, Kleinarl is a naturally grown, idyllic place in the heart of the Province of Salzburg, in the Pongau District, on the margin of the High Tauern National Park. The highest mountain of our village is the Faulkogel (2654 m), however, the most prominent and "home" mountain is the Ennskraxn (2410 m), short named also "Krax". In this area, the river Enns originates.

J like Jägersee

Lake Jägersee in Kleinarl is located in a protected landscape and is a particularly idyllic place. Surrounded by mighty two-thousand metre peaks, which are reflected in the water. From our hotel, you can walk on a nice bicycle or hiking trail along the river Kleinarler Ache to Lake Jägersee within one hour.

K like Kinder

We love children and their laughter in our Hotel Lärchenhof. There is a lot of space in and around our house. Games, plays and fun. A big swing with a slide, a trampoline, a garden full of treats, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a big play room with lots of games, a book corner with children's books,…

L like Love To Move

Rise and shine, put on your trainers and off you go! You will hardly find any softer, more pleasant and more beautiful running trail than from the Hotel Lärchenhof along the river Kleinarler Ache to Lake Jägersee, and around Lake Jägersee! There you take off your shoes, immerge your feet into the cold, clear water, stretch your muscles and run back relaxed. Then enjoy a marvellous breakfast on our sunny terrace.

M like Mountain biking

If you love mountain biking, here is the right place! Picturesque mountains, exciting trails, a fascinating landscape and a lot of fun.

N like Nordic Walking

Numerous walking trails start directly from our hotel. Hike with feathery steps on soft forest earth and enjoy nature. You can borrow walking sticks from our hotel.

O like "On Tour - Without Car"

No car – no problem. Most of the hiking trails start directly from the hotel. If you like to go further, for example to Wagrain, St. Johann or Altenmarkt, you can get there easily by our "Wanderbus". We will be happy to organize your transfer from and to the railway station or from and to the airport.

P like Paragliding

Wagrain-Kleinarl is known as an excellent area for paragliding. You can experience paragliding on your own or book a tandem flight.

Q like Quality Of Our Spring Water

Another advantage, which makes the Hotel Lärchenhof so unique, is its own private spring! Whenever you take a shower or a bath, when you swim in the pool or drink a glass of water – you will always enjoy the fresh, crystal clear rock water coming directly from the mountains of Kleinarl.

R like Riding A Horse

The greatest happiness on earth is sitting on a horse. For all lovers of horse riding, Kleinarl offers a wonderful riding stable. There are plenty opportunities to clean, groom, feed, lead and, of course, to ride a horse.

S like Steinkaralm

Directly from the Hotel Lärchenhof you can hike on a fascinating trail to the Steinkaralm at the foot of the "home-mountain" of Kleinarl, the Ennskraxn. The view to the impressive rocks of the Kraxn and the original and traditional hut are an unforgettable experience.

T like Tappenkarsee

You simply have to go up there! On a twisting and winding track, you cross a magnificent landscape. On the plateau you enjoy a gorgeous view to Lake Tappenkarsee, which is one of the largest mountain lakes in the Eastern Alps, surrounded by steep rock faces.

U like Unforgettable Holidays

Holidays should be the most beautiful time of the year. Enjoy, relax, be pampered, spend time with the loved ones, or take your time for yourself. We, from the Hotel Lärchenhof, will do our best in order to make your holiday the most beautiful time of the year.

V like Very Charming

To holiday in the Hotel Lärchenhof is like falling in love. Unbelievably pleasant, butterflies in the stomach,to be happy and to enjoy every minute.

W like Water World Wagrain

The outdoor area offers large pools and an extended sunbathing area and many other attractions for young and old. Of course, you will find a more relaxed, reflective and peaceful atmosphere on the heated outdoor pool of the Hotel Lärchenhof.

X like "Xund" (Healthy)

Yeah, "xund" (German for healthy) is our mountain air! And moving in the fresh air is "xund" too, and our cooking is also "xund". And that is exactly what we want! Our intention is, that you enjoy a relaxing holiday in our Hotel Lärchenhof and that you turn back home "xund" and that you will come back to us again, because you liked it so much and it was so "xund".

Y like Yeah

Yeah! What could be better than holidays in our Hotel Lärchenhof in Kleinarl

Z like Zwetschkenknödel

A delicious dessert in the Hotel Lärchenhof in late summer: varied delicacies made from plums, such as the home-made plum-cinnamon ice cream, the delicious, fluffy Zwetschkenknödel (sic!) (sweet dumplings filled with plum) with nut crumbs and a warm plum sauce.

You would love to spend a summer in the Salzburg mountain world? The Hotel Lärchenhof looks forward to receiving your inquiry!

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Come And Cook With Us

Cooking in and with nature, this awaits you in the Lärchenhof in Kleinarl. Widen your culinary horizon with cooking lessons with your host, devoted to special topics.

Celebrating In A Small Circle

Up to 35 people can celebrate their private festivities in the cosy atmosphere of the Hotel Lärchenhof. We will be happy to fulfil your wishes for your perfect celebration.

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